Social & Educational Activities

Presentation at the 6th Nanki-Kumano Geopark Festa & Symposium 3-16-2019 ・T. Kubo SLIDE-DVD showings: “the Phoenix Fold in Susamai” and two other WWBC DVDs; “Water – いのちの水” and “Hand in Hand Beyond Cultures 手をつなごうよ”(T. Kubo)

Jeff Berglund 京都国際観光大使 International Goodwill Ambassador 2016 ~ Present

Craig Smith KUFS Community Engagement Center – Director for International Programmes 2018 (WWBC members’ sincere condolences to Craig, who passed away 1/3/2019)

2016-17 WWBC’s collaborations with “Kyoto Japanese Folk Dolls Museum” to  produce English versions (DVDs) of “The Fushimi Clay Dolls” (伏見人形) and “Gosho-ningyo and Saga-ningyo Dolls” (御所・嵯峨人形) to support a project to promote the preservation and utilization of cultural properties of Japan.  Tetsuo Kubo, Quentin C. Durning, Heidi S. Durning, Takushi Tani

Submission of the WWBC project to 2016 AMPU:  Summer 2016, T. Kubo, C..Smith and the KUFS WWBC members submitted their product, “Hand-in-Hand Beyond Cultures: 手をつなごうよ” to “Action Moves People United (AMPU)”-UNESCO-USFUCA, an international project to promote World Peace through media initiatives.  For more information: ≪ ≫                              (Kubo & Smith)

Craig Smith: PEACE –BUILDING PROJECT for students (A, B and C below)

A: Faculty Advisor for Peace-Building Conferences

  1. Asian Youth Forum, Thamassat University, Thailand January 26-February 2, 2015. Theme: Learning to Live Together
  2. Rome Model United Nations, LUISS University, Rome Italy March 14-18, 2015. Theme: Save the Earth
  3. World Model United Nations, Korean National University of Foreign Studies, March 16-20, 2015. Theme: The Post:MDG Development Agenda
  4. Japan University English Model United Nations at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies June 27-29, 2014. Theme; Fostering Global Citizenship
  5. Tsukuba English Model United Nations at Tsukuba University December 5-7, 2014. Theme: The United Nations Proposals for the 2016 Sustainable Development Goals

B: Faculty Advisor for Community Engagement Projects:

  1. Picture Books for Cambodian Children, Cambodia Feb 9-21, 2015. Project Description: Japanese and English language and culture teaching for children living in poverty
  2. Global Village, Bangalore India, Feb 25-March 6, 2015 Project Description: micro-financing house building project in a resettlement village
  3. Outreach, Cebu Philippines August 3 -13, 2014  Project Description: observation of, and participation in Philippine projects to help children living in poverty
  4. Global Village, Quezon City Philippines Sept 4- 14, 2014 Project Description: micro-financing house building project in a squatters’ slum

C: Board of the Kyoto International Cultural Association(京都国際文化協会)

  • UNESCO World Memory Register Application Committee for the National Repatriation Museum in Maizuru City from 2012 – 2015
  • Executive committee of the Network of Global Translators of Atomic Bomb Survivors testimonies
  • A Founding Faculty Advisor of the Japan University English Model United Nations, The Tsukuba University English Model United Nations, and a Faculty Advisor to the Asian Youth Forum

Jeff Berglund – some social activities:

  • “Visit Kyoto Ambassador:Friend of Kyoto (国際観光大使)” 2014
  • Jeff@KYOTO: もてなし京都案内“(A navigator for KBS Kyoto TV: A Guide to Kyoto Hospitality)

Worldwide judge for the 2014 “Future of Education” Youth Essay Contest by the World Genesis Foundation, June 2014 (Tetsuo Kubo)

Presentation & WATER DVD showing at the 2014 UNESCO International Conference “Global Ethics, Sustainable Development and Social Media” (UN in NY), March 8th 2014  (KUFS WWBC Tetsuo Kubo & Craig Smith). Also mentioned in Newsletter USFUCA-WFUCA – March 2014 UNESCO international conference (Craig Smith & Tetsuo Kubo)